Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Sleeping Shard

The Sleeping Shard

Sometimes things sleep,
waiting for me to
stay up too late
or eat too many granola bars

Gnawing, hoarse, troublesome things
that were supposed to be gone
last year or perhaps the year
before, and yet

Other things sleep too,
good, green things planted long ago
that can survive unfed
with little light or love

waiting patiently for
me to remember where
I laid the keys to
all I am

the real things, true
things remain, unbreakable
because they are already
broken. Waiting for

me to take off my
shoes and step on the
jagged truth of them.

tonight, amidst the din
of everything but words,
my soul stepped on
something sharp and
true. Something scary.

It was the best feeling
in the world.